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New! At a glance: Why our tools work well for women

When we started Green Heron Tools in 2008 — and when we sold our very first product late in 2009 — ours was the only company we could find, anywhere, dedicated to providing gardening and farming equipment that truly worked well for women. We chose our tools based on function, not flowers, and practicality, not pink :-) We wanted tools that fit women’s bodies, were safe and comfortable to use, and did the job they were meant to do, as efficiently and effectively and long-lastingly as possible.

Fast forward to 2013, and a handful of other companies now say they offer garden tools for women. Do they really? We’re not sure, mostly because they don’t back up their claims with specific information about what, in fact, makes their tools “for women.”

Their omission got us thinking: How could we make it even easier for our customers to know what makes OUR products work well for women? After all, talk is cheap. Accurate and accessible information, on the other hand, is worth its weight in heirloom tomatoes — or maybe even gold.

These symbols show what we mean by "tools that work well for women"

These symbols show what we mean by “tools that work well for women”

After lots of thought and some creative help from our web designer / graphic artist, Christie, here’s what we came up with: a system of five symbols that hopefully will let anyone visiting our website see, at a glance, why a particular product  “works well for women” — why it is that among the mind-boggling array of tools on the marketplace, we’ve chosen to sell this one.

These new symbols are explained in the Welcome to Our Online Store page, as is our general approach to choosing tools. The symbols that apply to each product are displayed on the far right of the “description” tab for that tool or piece of equipment or apparel. Roll over a symbol to see whaat it meansHold your mouse pointer over the symbol, and its meaning will magically appear :-)

To see which symbols apply to our own shovel, HERS™, click “Buy Now” to bring up the description tab. (Spoiler alert: HERS™ is the only product that gets all 5, because as far as we know it remains the only agricultural tool scientifically designed explicitly for women).

We hope that adding these symbols will make our website even more user-friendly. We also hope that we’ve earned your trust and will continue to do so. “Tools for women” isn’t a marketing ploy for us — it’s the heart and soul of what we do.

As always, we invite your comments via email ( or phone (610-844-5232). And we thank you for your interest and support!

Ann and Liz — Liz Brensinger & Ann Adams, owners, Green Heron Tools / head gardeners, cooks & carrot washers, Green Heron Farms