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4 Elements Calendula Neroli Moisture Cream

Four Elements Calendula Neroli Moisture Cream


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Four Elements Calendula Neroli Moisture Cream

The heavier consistency of this cream is great for hardworking hands, yet when dabbed lightly on the forehead or smile lines, this cream becomes a very effective nighttime moisturizer. This classic combination is designed to regenerate mature skin.

Ingredients: Almond oil, beeswax, certified organic calendula, shea butter, vitamin E, neroli and rose geranium, essential oils, borax, and pretty face flower essence.

About Four Elements

Four Elements is a family-owned business in central Wisconsin. All Four Elements products are produced from organic herbs grown on the family farm -- 130 acres of prairies and woodland -- and contain only natural ingredients such as Shea butter and beeswax. We found the products as good as any on the market and a lot healthier, and we respect the company’s business practices. Herbs are hand-harvested and blended in small batches with the help of local women whose schedules revolve around their commitments to children, family and community. Four Elements also gives back by supporting organizations such as United Plant Savers, The Nature Conservancy and The Baraboo Range Preservation Association.

Four Elements Calendula Neroli Moisture Cream Reviews

"I really like it! The smell is a tad bit strong, but the texture and feeling of it is wonderful. I do think after using for a week now my hands are less dry on a regular basis (not just after applying the cream)" -- Melanie Snell, Homeland, FL, via email, March 21, 2015

"My hands get really dried out and dirty during the growing season, because I have a need to touch the earth. I have found that if I apply the Calendula Neroli cream before going to bed, I wake up with moistened skin that feels great & doesn’t look like an alligator skin." –- Ann A.

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