How We Feel About Sustainability

To us, practicing sustainability means making decisions based on the biggest possible picture that we can hold in our minds – considering how everything affects everything else, and trying to behave in ways that support the continuation of meaningful and quality life on Earth. We are trying to “tread lightly” – to give at least as much as we take, to create at least as much as we use, and to leave the world the way we found it (or, better yet, to leave it a little better!).

Making the “right” decision isn’t easy; it may not even be possible. Anyone familiar with the “imported organic” vs. “locally but conventionally grown” debate in food circles knows how complicated these decisions can be. But we’re doing our best.

Sometimes, it’s a no-brainer:
  • We ordered pruners to test from a well-known company. They came with warnings that carcinogenic chemicals had been used in their manufacture. We sent them back!
Most of the time, it’s much harder:
  • We prefer to sell U.S.-made products. But when the highest quality products of a certain type are made in Europe and Japan? (In most cases, we’ll sell them.)
While we can’t promise to be “right”, we do promise to keep challenging ourselves to consider all variables, balance competing concerns, and implement the best solutions we can. In general, we will:
  • Sell tools and equipment designed to last
  • Look for other businesses to partner with that have similar philosophies
  • Minimize our environmental footprint
  • Give back to our communities through donating money and/or tools (more when we become profitable!); advocating for the interests of women and sustainable agriculture; doing as much business as possible here in the U.S.; and ensuring that workers are paid appropriately and treated fairly

Check back later for specific examples of how we put our philosophies into action.