Meet our Team

Ann Adams and Liz Brensinger are avid gardeners-turned-market-growers with a passion for sustainability, heirloom varieties and great food. After 13+ years “growing” Green Heron Farms – and meeting lots of other women who, like them, were in search of tools and equipment that fit their bodies and their needs – they formed Green Heron Tools in 2008.

Ann and Liz bring to the business decades of diverse experiences, skills and lessons learned. Ann’s been a nurse, a holistic counselor, and a manager of nonprofit programs; Liz, a journalist, an author and a wilderness guide. Both have many years of experience in public health. They’ve taught in universities, and for more than 15 years ran a successful consulting business for nonprofits. Ann is a mother and grandmother; Liz, a passionate advocate for a healthier Earth and for critters great and small (garden pests excluded).

To achieve their goals, they’re enlisting allies, including:

  • Christie Winkler, an artist responsible for our website, logos, ads and other graphic design needs
  • A design team of agricultural engineers and an ergonomics specialist from Penn State University
  • Farmers and gardeners like you.