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ARS Curved Blade Folding Saw

ARS Curved Blade Folding Saw


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  • Superior function - a universally great tool

    Superior function - a universally great toolSuperior function - a universally great tool

ARS Curved Blade Folding Saw

Light, compact, and extremely durable, these saws will take the abuse of professional sawing applications and still cut razor-sharp. One of our testers – a landscaper with 25 years experience – raved about this saw to us, and when we tried it ourselves we couldn’t believe how light, sharp and easy to use it is. Within minutes of receiving it we were removing large limbs too far from the house for our chainsaw extension cords to reach; this tool did not disappoint! The patented blade is designed to cut only on the pull, which provides greater control and greater force; the curved blade helps keep the saw in the cut, and the rubber-coated handle fits comfortably in the hand. The blade is replaceable, though its unique design helps keep it sharp for a long time. This tool is consistent with our philosophies of sustainability (replaceable blade means you never have to throw away the handle) and safety (folding blade makes transporting the saw safe and easy; cutting on the pull provides greater control and hence less danger of injury).

Weight: 6oz.
Overall length: 15"

ARS Curved Blade Folding Saw Reviews

"For such a strong saw, it's amazingly light, and not at all bulky or hard to handle. The design only allows for cuts as you pull, which makes it easier to control." – Leah Zerbe, in 5 Great Gardening Tools for Women on

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  • Light weight
  • Sharpness of blade
  • Ease of use
  • Ability to fold


  • None

ARS Curved Blade Folding Saw Reviews

About ARS

Since 1876, the Japanese company ARS has been producing high-quality professional pruning tools. ARS’ state-of-the-art technology utilizes high carbon tool steel to produce exceptionally sharp blades that hold their edge, cut after cut. ARS invented the tri-edge, pull saw blade that is now the industry standard. Though the name ARS actually comes from the Greek word for "art," it’s no coincidence that it’s also an acronym for "Always Really Sharp." ARS is distributed in the U.S. by GrowTech, Inc., a family-owned company we are proud to call one of our partners.

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