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ARS 19.5in Hedge ShearsARS 19.5in Hedge Shears

ARS 19.5" Hedge Shears


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  • Lightweight


  • Superior function - a universally great tool

    Superior function - a universally great toolSuperior function - a universally great tool

ARS 19.5" Hedge Shears

After a woman contacted us asking for these hedge shears, we decided to give them a try; the rest, as they say, is herstory. The shears – ARS’s K800R -- are super light and super sharp. Made with ARS’s signature high-quality steel, they are designed for continued use and clean cuts all the way out to the tip of the shears. We used them to cut down our way-too-tall green manure (cereal rye & hairy vetch), and they made a normally tedious, time-consuming & occasionally painful job a relative snap. Since then, Ann’s daughter, Chris, has been working with a landscaping crew, and she loves them too.

Weight : 1.2 lb.
Overall Length: 19.5"
Blade Length: 7"
Replaceable Blade: No
Blade Can Be Sharpened: Yes

ARS 19.5" Hedge Shears Reviews

About ARS

Since 1876, the Japanese company ARS has been producing high-quality professional pruning tools. ARS’ state-of-the-art technology utilizes high carbon tool steel to produce exceptionally sharp blades that hold their edge, cut after cut. ARS invented the tri-edge, pull saw blade that is now the industry standard. Though the name ARS actually comes from the Greek word for "art," it’s no coincidence that it’s also an acronym for "Always Really Sharp." ARS is distributed in the U.S. by GrowTech, Inc., a family-owned company we are proud to call one of our partners.

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