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ARS Needlenose Pruner

ARS Needlenose Pruner, Stainless Steel


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  • Superior function - a universally great tool

ARS Needlenose Stainless Steel Hand Pruner

These pruners are ideal for harvesting fruits and vegetables and also for pruning tomato and other vegetable plants. The long narrow blades allow for getting in to tight spots. We heard about these pruners from other growers and then decided to test them ourselves. We were hooked! We chose to offer the stainless steel blade because it stands up to disinfection without discoloring or deteriorating; disinfecting blades when moving from plant to plant is vital in preventing the spread of disease, including blight.!

Weight: 4oz.
Overall length: 7inches

ARS Needlenose Pruner Reviews

"I use them every day during the season, and they're still going strong. The cutting head is really small, so it's great for getting into tight spots. And they're sharp enough to cut hard, thick stems like those on summer squash." -- Deirdre Flemming, Downingtown, PA, in-person comment at Mother Earth News Fair, Sept. 22, 2013

"We started out with two of these, but one disappeared early in the season. On harvest days, everyone fought over the one that was left." -- Sara Runkel, farm manager, The Seed Farm (an incubator farm for training new farmers)

"These are great. Love using them to harvest eggplants -- they protect your hands from the little spikes -- and to get into really tight spaces. We also use them to harvest peppers and squash." -- Jennifer Schmehl, Gravity Hill Farm

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  • Functionality
  • Ability to get into tight spaces
  • Fit in hand
  • Sharpness of blade
  • Light weight


  • None

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About ARS

Since 1876, the Japanese company ARS has been producing high-quality professional pruning tools. ARS’ state-of-the-art technology utilizes high carbon tool steel to produce exceptionally sharp blades that hold their edge, cut after cut. ARS invented the tri-edge, pull saw blade that is now the industry standard. Though the name ARS actually comes from the Greek word for "art," it’s no coincidence that it’s also an acronym for "Always Really Sharp." ARS is distributed in the U.S. by GrowTech, Inc., a family-owned company we are proud to call one of our partners.

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