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Bionic ReliefGrip Women's Gardening Glove

Bionic ReliefGrip Women's Gardening Glove


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  • Multiple sizes or adjustable

  • Ergonomic - Scientifically designed to increase comfort & ease of use, reduce injury or pain

Bionic ReliefGrip Women's Gardening Glove

Bionic ReliefGrip Women's Gardening Gloves were designed by an orthopedic hand surgeon and incorporate patented technology meant to improve comfort and provide a more secure grip, resulting in greater grip strength and improved pinch and torque force. For people with arthritis, they provide extra support to help reduce pain and discomfort from swollen and sore joints. Made from premium goatskin, these gloves are machine washable (air dry) and include these features:

  • Anatomical relief pads that promote a more secure grip with fewer calluses and blisters
  • Silicone finger tips for greater durability and protection
  • Motion zones over the knuckles and web zones between the fingers to promote ease of movement and help hands “breathe”
  • Added padding on the palm to enhance durability and improve comfort and grip
  • A form-fitting neoprene wrist closure that helps prevent debris from entering the glove

According to the manufacturer, independent third-party testing demonstrated that people with arthritis in their hands "could apply significantly more force with less reported discomfort while wearing the gloves as opposed to similar actions performed bare handed." Our own independent testing has determined that these gloves feel great! For more of our own observations, please click the Reviews tab.

Bionic Sizing

Historically Bionic gloves have run a bit small, particularly in finger length. While the company says it made no significant changes in sizing with the introduction of ReliefGrip gloves, we think they may have tweaked the sizing at least a little; Liz, who usually wears a small, can indeed wear a small in this style glove (while she needs a medium in the Bionic Classic). Ann, on the other hand, still needs a large instead of her usual medium, and even so finds the finger length a bit tight. As a result, we heartily recommend these gloves for women with fingers of average length, but if you have particularly long fingers or fingernails, these gloves may not be for you.

On its part, the Bionics manufacturer now offers two sets of directions for determining size:

1) to measure the distance between the wrist crease closest to your palm and the tip of your middle finger. If this distance is between 6 1/4" and 6 5/8", choose small; between 6 5/8" and just under 7", choose medium; between just under 7" and 7 5/16", choose large; and between 7 5/16" and about 7 11/16", choose extra large.

2) to measure (in inches) around your dominant hand with a tape measure at the place indicated on the photo below, and then use the tape measurements to determine your proper glove size based on the chart. If you’re close to the “border” between two sizes, we recommend sizing up!

Circumference Glove Size
6 ¼ -7" Small
7¼ - 7¾" Medium
7¾ - 8" Large
8 – 8¼" X-Large
Hand Measure Guide

Bionic Technology

Designed by a leading orthopedic hand surgeon, Bionic technology is totally unique in the marketplace. There is nothing like it. The difference is found in the design based on the anatomy of the hand and the science of ergonomics. Here are a few notable examples:

Anatomical Relief Pad System

The anatomy:

The hand has natural peaks and valleys determined by the bones in the hand. The high points of the bone rub against tools and equipment and cause blisters, calluses and hand fatigue.

The ergonomic solution:

Strategically-placed pads on the glove eliminate the peaks and valleys and even the surface of the hand.

The advantage:

Bionic improves grip strength, without the need to grip harder, and reduces hand fatigue. Plus, friction causing blisters and calluses is virtually eliminated.

Pre-Rotated Finger Design

The anatomy:

Your fingers are “pre-rotated,” which means the forefinger and pinky rotate inward toward the center of your hand when grasping an object.

The ergonomic solution:

Unlike conventional gloves, which are designed with a straight cut in the fingers, Bionic gloves feature a pre-rotated design that follows the natural motion of your fingers.

The advantage:

Bionic is more comfortable, feeling like a “second skin,” and moves more naturally when gripping.

Web and Motion Zones

The anatomy:

The hand features 14 phalanx bones and a large number of tendons and muscles. Combined, they allow for an intricate range of motion and dexterity.

The ergonomic solution:

Made of stretchable and breathable Lycra material, Motion Zones are added over the knuckles and Web Zones are added between the fingers.

The advantage:

Bionic provides greater flexibility and natural dexterity, while also helping keep hands cool and dry.

Bionic ReliefGrip Women's Gardening Glove Reviews

"These are the best gloves in the world. They are fantastic, especially if you have arthritis in your hands. You cannot beat them." -- Mary Kay Malinoski, Catonsville, MD, in person at the Maryland Master Gardener Training Day, June 4, 2015

"These are the best gloves I ever had. I have very bad hands, and they do not hurt when I come in from gardening after wearing these gloves." -- Linda Mazzaccaro, Princess Anne, MD, in person at the Maryland Master Gardener Training Day, June 4, 2015

"I have bumps on the tendons on my hand; for me, working with a shovel everyday was torture. The padding in these gloves gives me enough protection that I can garden again!" -- Sarah Rebar, Ellerslie, MD, in-person comment at Mother Earth News Fair, Sept. 21, 2013 (about an earlier version of Bionic gloves, with the same padding as the Bionic ReliefGrip gardening gloves)

As some of you already know, the Bionic Classic Women's Gardening Glove has been a personal favorite of both Ann's and mine and a great seller for Green Heron Tools. So when we learned that Bionic was phasing out the Classic and replacing it with the ReliefGrip glove, we were pretty unhappy. First, we weren't sure how you could improve on a glove so soft and comfortable that it really did feel like a second skin (except maybe by increasing finger length!), and second, we thought the new silicone finger tips would ruin one of the Classic's greatest features -- amazing dexterity for weeding and other fine work. Grudgingly, I got a pair of ReliefGrips to test, though we both expected not to like them and, as a result, not to carry them.

Now, several months after starting to wear my ReliefGrips, I've become a fan! All the key comfort / ergonomic features of the Classic are here, along with added durability that comes with those silicone finger tips. Whereas before I was careful not to wear my Bionic Classics when I'd be encountering a lot of sharp or rough surfaces -- e.g., while stacking firewood or moving rocks -- I now feel confident using the Bionic ReliefGrips for almost everything. As to the dexterity: it isn't quite as great as in the Classic, but it's still very respectable and better than in many gloves. This means the ReliefGrips are a fine choice for weeding, along with just about any other task you can think of on the farm or in the garden. -- Liz

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