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GT Nejiri Kama (Japanese Weeding Sickle)

GT Nejiri Kama (Japanese Weeding Sickle)


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  • Superior function - a universally great tool

    Superior function - a universally great toolSuperior function - a universally great tool

GT Nejiri Kama (Japanese Weeding Sickle)

This Japanese weeding sickle is especially great for weeding in tight spaces. It features a high carbon steel blade, forged & heat treated to a high hardness level that helps the blade keep its edge. Weeds don’t have a chance against this super-sharp blade -- & neither do your fingers, so be sure to handle with caution!

Weight: 8 oz.
Overall length: 12"
Blade hardness level: RC58

GT Nejiri Kama (Japanese Weeding Sickle) Reviews

"Best tool in the garden" -- Betty Bryant, Annapolis, MD, in person at Maryland Master Gardener Training Day. May 25, 2017

"I purchased a Nejiri Kama at your booth at the Comstock-Ferre event on 25 May, and I was asked to report back to you on my experience with the use of the tool. I'm happy to report that it is -- by a wide margin -- my favorite weeding tool. I've been praising it to my gardening friends and using it almost daily. Many thanks for your recommendation. If you have other such strong recommendations, please pass them along." -- Harold Ward, "a highly satisfied (male) customer", via email, Aug. 22, 2014

"I bought one of these from you last year. My wife loves it so much that I came back to buy two more -- one for myself and one for our adult daughter." -- Bill Sautiff, Owings, MD, in person at the Maryland Master Gardener Training Day, May 29, 2014

"I love that thing! Whenever I go to the toolbox, that's the tool I pick out." -- Darlene Martin, Addison, PA, in-person comment at Mother Earth News Fair, Sept. 22, 2013

"Every time that I am working in my yard i think that I must let you know how much I appreciate my Japanese Weeding Sickle. It has saved me countless hours of weeding time and is a pleasure to use. I was skeptical when I bought it, now I am a huge fan! It clears out an area in no time! I am ordering two more for my friends." Jean Barrell, New Hope, PA, posted on Facebook May 18, 2013

"The very best hand digger, weeder, all purpose tool I have found" - Virginia Byers, Spring Mills, PA

"How did I manage without this for so long?!? This is by far my favorite of the tools. It feels like a natural extension of my arm, and the weeding motion is very smooth and effortless. It slices just under the dirt so well, that the large weeds had their stems completely cut, and were left standing upright! Able to do both large swaths quickly, and delicate work closer in." – Jaze Ficarra, Illinois

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