Welcome to the website for HERS™ from Green Heron Tools – the world’s first HERgonomic® Shovel-spade Hybrid designed scientifically and specifically for women.

Hergonomic® simply means ergonomic, for women. And ergonomic means designed for maximum comfort, efficiency, safety, and ease of use, especially in the workplace. Therefore, hergonomic® tools and equipment are those designed to be easiest, safest, most comfortable and most effective for women. Every feature of HERS™ is based on women’s bodies & digging & shoveling styles, from the shape & diameter of the handle to the three shaft lengths to the angle and enlarged step on the tempered steel blade.

These features make HERS™ hergonomic® – ergonomic, for women – meaning that HERS™ is designed for:

  • Optimum fit
  • Maximum comfort
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Maximum safety
  • Greatest ease of use
Golden Shovel Award

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