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Digging deeper...HERShovel™ for Women

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HERS Sustainability

  • HERS is sourced and made in the USA
  • The blade is made from recycled steel
  • The durable D grip design uses less plastic
  • Built to last

Sustainability & HERS™

Practicing sustainability is one of Green Heron Tools’ core values. With the introduction of HERS™, the first in our own line of hergonomic® tools, we’ve been able to put this value into practice in a way that we haven’t been able to with products made by other companies:

Inspecting ash handles Ryan Bloom & Jeanne Frantz at SPEC FAB in Honey Brook, PA, where HERS is assembledBlades D-grip handles
  • HERS™ is sourced and made in the USA, with all manufacturing and assembly taking place right here in our home state of Pennsylvania. This represents significant savings in transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions, pollution and fossil fuel use; it also means the people making HERS™ are paid livable wages and work in well-run, safe facilities. Ames True Temper, manufacturer of our unique blade, has its own sustainability initiatives. And Port Erie Plastics made the mold for our patented D grip in-house instead of outsourcing that process to Asia as many companies do.
  • The HERS™ blade is made from recycled steel.
  • Our large, strong & durable D grip is hollow, which is great not only for the weight of the tool but also for minimizing the amount of plastic used. We also chose a plastic – copolymer polypropylene – that requires less material in the molding process than other choices such as high-density polyethylene.
  • We’ve minimized packaging, both in how the shovels are shipped to us and in how you, the consumer, receive them. The tags on HERS™ are made from paper that is certified by the independent, non-profit Forest Stewardship Council as coming from trees harvested from responsibly managed forests. And any paper or other packing material you receive with your shovel will be either recycled or reused.

Perhaps most importantly, we’ve designed and built HERS™ to last. In contrast to products that fail or become obsolete in a relatively short time – ending up in landfills and requiring customers to spend more money to replace them -- HERS™ carries a 10-year limited warranty, meaning that if the shovel breaks from normal usage during that time, we will repair or replace it. With proper care, we hope and expect it to last much longer.

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