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10-year warranty

Made in the U.S.A.: Self-Certified

Introducing HERSpadingfork™, the second in Green Heron Tools’ line of HERgonomic® tools!

HERgonomic® means ergonomic, for women. We based design of the HERS™ fork on the same USDA-supported scientific research as HERShovel™, our popular shovel-spade hybrid introduced in 2011. As a result, HERSpadingfork™ makes digging easier and more comfortable thanks to features such as these:

Enlarged, non-slip step

  • Provides stability, comfort and digging ease – no more sore arches and no more slips off the narrow tops of traditional digging forks

Patented ergonomic grip

  • Design allows multiple options for hand placement, including use of two hands for greater comfort and control.
  • Non-slip texture adds stability, forward tilt increases leverage, and larger diameter reduces hand and finger fatigue

Three shaft sizes to match your height

  • Tools should fit! The three HERS™ sizes were developed by analyzing data for U.S. women & statistically determining the three length-height matches that would provide the best fit for the most women.

Forged, diamond-back tines for easier insertion into the ground

The result?

  • Optimum fit
  • Maximum comfort
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Maximum safety
  • Greatest ease of use

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