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Korean Hand Plow (EZ Digger, or Ho-Mi), Long-handle Korean Hand Plow (EZ Digger, or Ho-Mi), Long-handle

Korean Hand Plow (EZ Digger, or Ho-Mi), Long-handle


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  • Superior function - a universally great tool

Korean Hand Plow (EZ Digger, or Ho-Mi)

When we asked women to recommend tools to us via our online survey, four recommended the Korean hand plow. And one of our friends here in Pennsylvania was so adamant that we find a source & start selling the tool that she drew us a picture so we'd know what we were looking for. As a consequence, we're very happy to finally be able to offer the Korean hand plow, or EZ Digger (aka Ho-Mi, or "little ground spear.") This multipurpose tool is made of hand-forged steel, deeply set in a hardwood handle. The curve of the pointed blade allows soil to be thrown to the side like a plow, and the edges can be used to level, mound, and loosen soil and cover seeds. Great for weeding, digging holes, opening and closing rows, loosening soil around plants, and thinning plants. According to Dr. John Bartok of the University of Connecticut, the Ho-Mi may be the oldest metal gardening/farming tool, going back to the early iron age and possibly the bronze age. Can so many generations of farmers / gardeners be wrong?


Blade length: 7 inches
Handle length: 54 inches


"I've been happily hoe, hoe, hoeing with both my short and long-handled Ho Mi tools. I love them so much that I like to give them to other (serious) gardening friends as gifts, so that's why I've ordered 3 long handled ones! (I've already given them the short handled tools!) I appreciate the incredibly varied positions that I can use for effective, gentle, delicate weeding or all out dig-in-the-dirt work. I love its simplicity and versatility, not to mention its lightweight feature! And it's easy to sharpen, too. There's nothing I love more than a really good tool, and the Ho Mi weeders fit the bill." -- Carol Entin, Rehoboth, MA, via email. Oct. 17, 2017

"I bought one last year and now my wife and I compete over it, so I decided to get her her own this year." -- Bill Sautiff, Owings, MD, in person at Maryland Master Gardener Training Day. May 25, 2017

"It's a wonderful piece of equipment -- it just does everything!" -- Bill Martin, Staten Island, NY, via telephone. December, 2015

"This opens up the soil better than anything for planting. Also great to pick out rocks." -- Dorene, via response to livestock farmer survey question about tools she would recommend to other women. July 23, 2015

"I have clay soil. Using HERShovel in combination with the long-handled Korean Hand Plow allows me to dig a much bigger and deeper hole. I use the shovel to dig and the hand plow to break up the clumps of clay." -- Bonnie Finne, Toccoa, GA, via phone, May 1, 2014

"I took my new Ho-Mi into the garden after dinner tonight intending to 'try it out'. An hour and a half later I am writing to tell you that EVERYONE should try this amazing tool. We have vegetable garden beds of Gettysburg mud until mid-May so any tilling or digging has to be done either in the fall or in mid-May. But with the Ho-Mi I was able to "plow" the soil to a depth of 8 or 10 inches in my 4X20 ft raised bed in about 45 minutes. It a rough plow right now but by the end of the week, barring rain, I should be able to break up the soil a little more and plant!" -- Nancy Konopka, Gettysburg, PA, April, 2012

From survey respondents who recommended we carry this tool:

"Went into the soil great"
"Multi-purpose & lightweight"
"Versatile, sturdy, wood not plastic handle, not pink (lord I hate pink)"

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