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Gloves(view products)

We heard from lots of women who wanted gloves that fit. So, we and our testers trialed eight styles of gloves from four different companies that make gloves sized for women. Four of the eight made the cut. We’ll be continuing our trials to see how they hold up over time. Let us know how (and how long!) they work for you. Sometimes companies change where gloves are made, which can affect their durability. You can help us stay on top of any changes.

(Note: We didn’t trial and won’t be carrying some perfectly fine gloves – Atlas, for example -- because they’re so widely available that most folks can find them locally, and/or because they’re so inexpensive that it would cost almost as much to ship them as to buy them.)

Hats(view products)

Hats shade us from the sun, minimize harassment by deer flies and help keep the rain out of our eyes. We’ve chosen three styles that are as-good-as-it-gets when it comes to protection from UV rays and that offer a host of other features. The UV protection factor is critical in protecting against skin cancer and premature aging; because we haven’t found a sunscreen we are comfortable selling, we encourage – and model! – wearing hats. Given the realities of the global apparel market, we’re particularly pleased to say that these hats are made in the U.S. and Canada.

Hand Pruners(view products)

The “fit” of a tool is a crucial part of how well it works for an individual user. We looked for pruners that were high quality and that offered different sizes to accommodate different sized hands. We’re happy to have found four pruners – two for heavy duty / professional use and two for lighter use – that meet our criteria.

Why we’re not selling Felco pruners:

  • They’re available almost everywhere.
  • More importantly, our testers and the women who recommended the pruners we’re offering found them to be high quality, highly functional tools; some thought they had advantages over Felcos. We agree. We also know that customer loyalty to a brand – or to a favorite pruner – can discourage people from trying something new. Hope you’ll try these and let us know what you think.

Why we’re not selling pruners with rotating handles:

  • We’re concerned about the potential for the handles jamming or sticking. We may offer them later, particularly if we hear from you about rotating-handle pruners that have performed well over time.

Why we’re not selling ratcheted pruners:

  • The ones we tested either didn’t meet our quality standards (one lost a piece the first day!) or, believe it or not, were labeled as having been made with cancer-causing chemicals. We’ll keep looking.

What about the span?

  • The span of pruners – the width from one handle to the other when the pruners are fully open – is typically too large for most women’s hands. Even the span of the pruners we’re selling is slightly larger than we’d like; we’re hoping to work with manufacturers to change this.

Safety Sunglasses(view products)

Just about everyone is aware of the importance of quality sunglasses in protecting eyes from damage from UV rays. Anyone who’s worked outside on a windy day also knows what it’s like to have debris fly into their eyes – a hazard significantly exacerbated by use of common power equipment like mowers and trimmers that can throw up small stones, splinters etc. We believe everyone deserves long, healthy lives doing (and seeing) what they love, and we’ve also heard from a number of women requesting high-quality safety gear that fits. As part of meeting this need, we tested several brands of safety sunglasses. Edge Safety Eyewear from Utah-based Wolf Peak International was by far the best.

Ergonomic Grips(view products)

Ergonomic grips can be attached to tools that you already own to make them safer and easier to use. They fit perfectly with our philosophy of sustainability, as you the consumer do not have to purchase new tools.

Self-care(view products)

Although it wasn’t in our consciousness to provide self care products when we started this journey, after our focus groups and interviews it became clear to us that women who work on the land often take little time to nurture themselves. Between nurturing families, livestock and the earth, they are usually at a loss to find time for themselves. We wanted to remind women that it is important to take care of themselves with so many others depending on them. An even more important reason: You deserve it!