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DeltaHook Rapid Tractor Hitch

DeltaHook Tractor Rapid Hitch

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  • Ergonomic Design

    Ergonomic DesignErgonomic - Scientifically designed to increase comfort & ease of use, reduce injury or pain

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DeltaHook Tractor Rapid Hitch

Through all the interviews, focus groups and surveys we conducted for our USDA grant, one of the most consistent themes was this: The traditional 3-point hitch for attaching and detaching implements is at best difficult and at worst impossible for women (and many men) to safely manage on their own. “Flawed design,” “terrible,” “too heavy”, “too difficult to attach without help,” “torque required to remove pins impossible”, “too heavy to hold while trying to connect PTO; I’ve already permanently injured my wrist trying to perform this” were just some of the phrases we heard.

That’s why we’re so excited to be able to offer the DeltaHook Rapid Hitch System, which makes connecting and disconnecting implements a task that can be accomplished in seconds, without having to leave the seat of your tractor. DeltaHook is self-aligning and eliminates lifting and moving heavy implements into position for attachment. Both the control plate (to attach to your tractor) and receiver plates (to attach to implements) are heavy, so you’ll need assistance installing them. After that, though, you’re home free – no more waiting for someone to show up to help you or, worse yet, injuring yourself trying to connect or disconnect an implement.

The DeltaHook system works on Category 1 (20-60 HP) and Category 2 (40-125 HP) tractors. It fits almost all implements (see FAQ). The most economical way to purchase is by choosing a Category 1 or Category 2 package (each containing 1 control plate and 2 receiver plates); plates are also sold individually, so you can purchase as many pieces as you have tractors and implements. (See Specs.)

Category 1 Package

Item # DH010
  • 1 control plate (60 lbs.)
  • 2 receiver plates (90 lbs. each)
  • All necessary hardware

Price: $1,190 + shipping

Category 1 control plate

Item # DH011 hardware included
    Price: $398 + shipping

Category 1 receiver plate

Item # DH012hardware included
    Price: $396 + shipping

Category 2 Package

Item # DH013
  • 1 control plate (80 lbs.)
  • 2 receiver plates (120 lbs. each)
  • All necessary hardware

Price: $1,790 + shipping

Category 2 control plate

Item # DH014 hardware included
    Price: $598 + shipping

Category 2 receiver plate

Item # DH015hardware included
    Price: $596 + shipping

DeltaHook Tractor Rapid Hitch Reviews

"It’s the greatest tool that was ever made." – Perry Burkholder, Locust, NC, in person at the Mother Earth News Fair, Asheville, NC, April 11, 2015

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