Inspirational Stories

One of the best things about running Green Heron Tools is the people we meet along the way – sometimes in person, other times in the “virtual” world of email or Facebook, and often in the context of shared experience or passions – farming, gardening, nature, food, occasionally even tools.

When we’re especially fortunate, these meetings evolve into real conversations, heart-sharing, and stories that humble and inspire. We are deeply grateful to the women featured here for allowing us to share their stories, all of which feature a common theme of healing that we did not plan or even realize was there until we heard from them, in their own words:

Allison Jewett

Allison Jewett
Avant Gardens in Crozet, Virginia

Allison Jewett visited our booth at Monticello on a rainy day in 2014, her passion for farming in no way dampened by the weather. We reconnected again at the 2015... and asked her to share her story, which is even more inspirational than we'd realized . . .  

Morgan Hoenig

Morgan Hoenig of Mogo Organic
Mt. Pleasant, Iowa

We met Morgan and her mother at breakfast one morning at the 2012 MOSES Organic Farming conference in La Crosse, WI. At only 29, Morgan runs her own organic farm...

Barbara Wiggs

Barbara Wiggs
West Lafayette, Indiana

When we emailed Barb Wiggs that the shovel she’d ordered was on back-order, she responded with a message that read, in part, "I am 73 and still dig and do all the other garden work...

More to come!