Truly ergonomic design

All pruning professionals are at risk of developing aches and pains through repeating the same motion hundreds if not thousands of times a day during the pruning season. The resulting musculoskeletal and nervous-system injuries are known as cumulative trauma disorders or repetitive motion disorders, and they are a major cause of work-related disability. What may initially seem like a minor discomfort can develop into a disability that literally reduces the number of years you can do the work (or play) you love.

The bahco ergonomic pruner is designed to reduce fatigue and facilitate a longer, healthier, more productive working / pruning life. It incorporates five years of research and user testing carried out in a number of locales around the world, including France’s vineyard regions.

Main ergonomic features include:

Vertical and lateral inclinations

The pruner’s vertical and lateral inclinations help you to keep arm and hand straight in line, or in what is known as a “neutral” position. This in turn helps to reduce the incidence of tennis-elbow-type pain (epicondilytis) and wrist pains such as Carpal tunnel syndrome.

Shape of handles

The flowing shape of the handles is designed to spread loads more evenly and concentrate pressure points away from sensitive zones and nerve centers.

Elastomer coating on upper handle

This soft material gives a better grip and spreads pressure over a larger surface.

Choice of cutting head

Small cutting heads protect against strains and are highly recommended for users who already suffer from aches and pains in their hand or arm. Medium cutting heads are recommended for those who don’t feel pain yet – and don’t want to.

Hand measuring system

Thanks to the three choices of handle size, the bahco PX can be truly adapted to your own hand.