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Valley Oak Wheel Hoe

Valley Oak Wheel Hoe
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  • Lightweight


  • Multiple sizes or adjustable

    Multiple sizes or adjustableMultiple sizes or adjustable

  • Superior function - a universally great tool

    Superior function - a universally great toolSuperior function - a universally great tool

  • Made in USAMade in USA

Valley Oak Wheel Hoe

Of all the tools recommended to us by women farmers, none was more enthusiastically endorsed than the Valley Oak Wheel Hoe. Having since purchased one ourselves, we understand why – this high-quality wheel hoe weeds and cultivates quickly and effectively, reduces back strain, is simple to operate and adjust, and is built to stand up to tough farm work and last, literally, for decades.

Unlike some other popular wheel hoes, handles on the Valley Oak can be easily adjusted to fit the user – no tools required. This adjustability makes the hoe great for all users, especially women. At roughly 15 pounds, it’s light enough for easy maneuvering. Attachments include tempered steel blades available in 7 sizes, from 5" to 18" (1 blade of your choice comes with the hoe); 3- and 4-tine cultivators; and a furrower. Changing the attachments is as simple as removing one pin, sliding off the attachment, sliding on the new one and then replacing the pin; it literally couldn’t be easier. For more information, read or download Frequently Asked Questions about the wheel hoe.

We’re sure the high quality, ease of use and intuitive design of this hoe flow directly from the passion of its inventor, David Grau, an organic vegetable farmer from California who designed and has fine-tuned and manufactured the hoes for some 20 years. David wanted to make his own life easier, and as a result we all benefit! So does the Earth, since the wheel hoe wipes out weeds without the use of either herbicides or fossil fuels. And as noted above, David really does build these USA-made hoes to last. You’ll probably never need replacement parts, but if you do, they’re all available. This is literally an item you’ll never have to recycle or, worse yet, send to a landfill. Imagine that!



$55Item # VO003

3-tine Cultivator

$70Item # VO004

4-tine Cultivator

$75Item # VO005

Additional Blade Assembly Attachments

5" blade assembly

$45Item # VO006

8" blade assembly

$45Item # VO007

10" blade assembly

$60Item # VO008

12" blade assembly

$60Item # VO009

14" blade assembly

$60Item # VO010

16" blade assembly

$60Item # VO011

18" blade assembly

$60Item # VO012

Replacement Blades, with four small bolts

5" replacement blade

$17Item # VO013

8" replacement blade

$17Item # VO014

10" replacement blade

$25Item # VO015

12" replacement blade

$25Item # VO016

14" replacement blade

$25Item # VO017

16" replacement blade

$25Item # VO018

18" replacement blade

$25Item # VO019

Need other replacement parts? Call or email us.

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Valley Oak Wheel Hoe Reviews

"I used the Valley Oak wheel hoe all season and it was by far my favorite cultivating hoe. It's durable, takes a beating, and was death on weeds. Being 5'10", it is so wonderful to have a tool that doesn't break my back after use on several beds. Thank you Green Heron Tools!" -- Victoria Ligon, 2011 apprentice, The Seed Farm, Lehigh County, PA

"Indestructible, adjustable handles, lightweight, easy-to-change implements, the most valuable tool on my farm!" –- Elizabeth H., North Carolina (online survey respondent)

"Adjustable, can get your weight behind it instead of up in the air above shoulder height as in the others I’ve used, plus great attachments! Awesome for a short woman. . . .We use this wheel hoe a lot and love it!" -- Sherri S., non-profit farming collective, California (online survey respondent & , later, interview subject)

"My favorite tool" –- Angela T., Iowa farmer (focus group participant)

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About Valley Oak

Organic vegetable farmer David Grau started Valley Oak Tool Co. in 1990 in Chico, CA, where the company's wheel hoes and broadforks are made by hand. In 1987, David had purchased a European-made wheel hoe that "worked amazingly well" but started to fall apart after just a year's use. "I kept thinking about how to make a sturdier wheel hoe that stood up to farm use. By 1990, I made one and it worked well, so I made ten and started selling them. I’ve been at it ever since," David says.

Valley Oak's goal is a simple one: "to provide tools for organic farmers to make their work easier." The results are tools that are intuitive, high quality, user-friendly and highly efficient and effective. David pays attention to detail -- every detail -- and works continually to improve Valley Oak's tools. So while the wheel hoe's been around since 1990 -- and in our opinion and those of many of our customers is the best on the market -- it's still evolving. The company introduced its broadforks in 2010 and, like the wheel hoe, they started strong and have benefited from significant improvements since.

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