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Introduced in 2015, HERSpadingfork™ is the second of Green Heron Tools’ hergonomic® tools.

With tines forged in Austria & other parts U.S.-made, the HERS™ fork carries the same 10-year warranty and comes in the same 3 lengths as our shovel. An enlarged non-slip step and patented ergonomic grip – as well as superior performance in lifting, loosening and turning soil -- make HERSpadingfork™ the ideal companion to HERShovel™ for maximum versatility and digging ease. Learn more about HERSpading Fork

HERS™ from Green Heron Tools is the world’s first HERgonomic® Shovel-spade hybrid designed scientifically and specifically for women.

Every feature of HERS™ is based on women’s bodies & digging & shoveling styles, from the shape & diameter of the handle to the three shaft lengths to the angle and enlarged step on the tempered 9" steel blade. U.S.-made, & featured in numerous publications including The New York Times, Organic Gardening and Mother Earth News.Learn more about HERShovel

Ergonomic Grips
T-Grip and D-Grip

Green Heron Tools is the U.S. distributor for the Canadian company MOTUS Inc.'s ergonomic grips. Scientifically designed to make hand tools safer and easier to use, the grips can be attached to garden hoes, spades, rakes, brooms, snow shovels & more to prevent back strain, reduce the risk of repetitive motion injuries and increase control & efficiency.Learn more about Ergonomic Grips

Use the Ergonomic D-Grip and the HERShovel™ together!

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