Green Heron Tools' Criteria

  • The tools and equipment we are selling meet the following criteria:
    • Fit women’s bodies
    • Determined by women to work well
    • High quality (based on tester experiences, “feel” of product, reputation of company etc.)
      • Quality = effective for the defined task; durable; reliable; safe
    • Whenever possible, ergonomic – that is, designed to minimize strain, discomfort etc.
  • Many of the tools we’re selling were recommended to us by other women farmers, landscapers, gardeners etc.
  • In some cases, we researched solutions to specific problems women cited
    • For example, the DeltaHook rapid hitch is one answer to difficulties with the traditional 3-point hitch
  • All tools/equipment sold have been tested and evaluated by women, often including us
  • We depend on you to share your experiences with us
    • If customers have problems with a product, we’ll talk to the manufacturer about making it better or stop selling it and find a replacement

Click here to view or download a PowerPoint presentation with more detailed information about the need for tools & equipment for women; the connections among tools, equipment, safety & health; and our SBIR grant.

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