Women & Farming

From 1997-2002:

  • The number of U.S. farms declined by 4%*
  • The number of farms operated by women increased 13%*

From 2002-2007:

  • The number of women-operated farms grew by an even greater 29%*
  • The number of farms overall increased by only 3.6%*

* U.S. Census of Agriculture

Women-operated farms tend to be:

  • smaller
  • more diversified
  • less mechanized
  • sustainable / organic
  • involving direct sales to consumers, such as selling at farmers’ markets

Globally, women play a huge role in food production.
Rural women produce half of the world’s food and 60% to 80% of the food in most developing countries -- United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization

The number of people growing their own vegetable gardens has risen significantly, due to factors such as the economic downturn, concern about food safety, and a desire for great-tasting, healthy food.